Wedding Albums

When your wedding is over, the cake eaten, the dress stored away, all that remains are your sweet memories of one of the best days
of your life that you shared with the best people in the world.
I believe that those memories should be preserved with high quality prints and in a wedding album.
Do you remember how fun it was, going through your parents photo albums and the prints they kept in this old box?

Well, we are in danger of becoming the least documented generation of all times. Why? We have smart phones and everyone shoots
all the time.
All these thousands of snapshots land somewhere on a digital media.
Files end up on a flash drive, a disk, an external hard drive or just digitally rotting away in some folder on your laptop.
Well, here’s the bad news:  All these files could corrupt any time. They don’t last forever.
It happened to me. I lost family photos that I will never get back because I trusted these digital files too much. Now they are gone
and with them the moments that I valued so much.
Of course I do double and triple back ups now but I also do one very important thing:
I print.

I love my albums of my family.
They are here to last for generations and are just perfect to get out when we have friends or family over.
Everyone loves looking through them.
For that reason, I would like every client of mine to have an album and some great prints!

I selected the wonderful RedTree  for my products for many reasons.
Simple, Beautiful colors and materials and high quality.
We just  love them and use them for our own albums.
I design the layout of the wedding albums myself but you are in full control of how you want it to look, how many
pages you would like and what goes in there.

Here is a link to the company. See for yourself how many options you have.

Contact me to see my album pricing and to talk about your album choice and to look at some samples.
I can’t wait to see your wedding in one of the RedTree albums.


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