the way i see weddings

I look at weddings as I would be at my own party. I get close, real close.

And then at moments, I am a shadow on the wall and observe.

I wait for special moments or compositions and light to change. Sometimes I find moments and sometimes moments present themselves to me, so I am fast and bold. I don't just stand there and shoot 6'000 photos because I think that makes me look busy. I look for quality and real stuff.

I'm also really good at organizing the day and people for more formal shots.

There's no formula. There only emotions, connections and stories that happen. Formulas are boring.

Look at me as a friend that hangs out at the wedding and wants to get the coolest photos possible.

If you just need a service provider, I'm not your guy. You need to include me in your inner circle and intimate moments for a day and it will be worth it because the magic that happens is often not visible

to everyone else that is busy with the day, themselves or others.

My style is a cocktail of storytelling, artistic portraits, un-stiff (is that a word?) portraits and fun action shots. I'll do some family group photos, but we keep it simple and quick and beautiful, ok.

If you feel that is an approach that fits your jam, please get in touch and we'll drink too much coffee and dream away about your big day!

Can't wait to chat.


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